16 August 2010

Berrima: Part 3

Yes, there's more!
The China Room
Wall to wall, floor to ceiling dinnerware, cups, saucers, platters, everything!
I bought a very old platter from with a French label, but made in England.
I could have gone crazy, but exercised restraint and am very happy with my purchase.


petals and vintage said...

I would go crazy in the China Room but then I would have to find more space and it's beginning to run out! Thanks for sharing -looks like an amazing place.

Karena said...

Love the patterns, so beautiful!!

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Art by Karena

Kate said...

Wow! How gorgeous does that place look!
Not somewhere you'd take my kids that's for sure.
Enjoy the rest of your day and your casserole for dinner. I hope you got some crochet done and that you have a great week. X

Cathie said...

ohhh MY goodness!
is that like china room heaven!!
I have a saucer with that pretty girl in the purple skirt..no cup unfortunately.
wow again..that is the best place!