03 April 2012

Easter Treats

The Fairy has been home from school running a temperature.
Today she is on the mend and a bit restless.
We set to in the kitchen to rustle up some Easter yumminess.
If you are afraid of chocolate - look away now ...

For those interested in making some Easter Nests,
Here's a How To ...

Gather together:

3 x Shredded Wheat biscuits
375g Chocolate Buttons  
from the baking section of supermarket
(I used milk, but use dark if preferred) 
Bag of mini coated chocolate eggs (Big W)

line a cake tin with about 16 paper patty pans

I happened to have a fairy on hand today,
to melt chocolate in bowl over boiling water,
not letting the water touch the bowl

Stir until all melted

and lovely and smooth 

Scrunch up (can't think of better word)
the shredded wheats until completely broken up

 Stir shredded wheat bits through the chocolate

Scoop a heaped dessert spoon of mixture into the patty pans.
Use the back of the spoon to make a shallow well in the centre
forming a nest shape

While the chocolate is still wet, pop a few mini eggs into each nest.
The Fairy did this as she went along, and the eggs are firmly stuck in
the nest now the chocolate is set.

The obvious

Leave to set.
Ours were set in an hour out of the fridge in Sydney.
Further north may need to be popped in the fridge. 

Leave in easy to spot place
for admiring Oooos and Aaaaahs

Eat & Enjoy!


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