08 March 2012

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I'm a Great Godmother!
Little Lily has arrived in the world
and now I feel very old, but very excited.
My God Daughter was backpacking a couple of years ago
and guess what?! ...
Met a true blue Aussie in Noosa and hasn't left.
Happens to the best of us!

Even though this little pram blanket won't get too much use up there
in Queensland, it will be handy for chillier evening or early morning pram walks.

For the first time ever, I have planned this one.
I'd forgotten how much I love colouring in,
taking advantage of The Fairy's extensive felt tip collection.
For the last baby blanket I used the Random Strip Generator,
which was most excellent,
but ended up changing a few things as I went along.
On this one, I don't want the brown side by side with the plum,
which will be the least used colour.

Hoping to get cracking on some little singlets for Lily too.

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Ady said...

Many congratulations on being a great godmother! The blanket is looking wonderful. I like the pretty colours you're working with there. It will undoubtedly be a wonderful heirloom piece for little Lily. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished blanket.

Actually Amy said...

The blanket looks lovely. I have been trying to teach myself to crochet, very unsuccessfully though...

Catherine said...

That's such wonderful news, congratulations the birth of a new baby is so exciting. Your colour choices are beautiful Carmel and so modern, the new parents are going to love using this. x

Teek said...

Congratulations. I am loving that combination of colours. Can't wait to see it finished.

Leah said...

What fabulous news - congratulations!! I adore your blanket - the colours are beautiful. My wee girl just spotted it on my screen and said it looked like "neapopolin" which translates to neopolitan icecream - she's right too - that's why it looks so utterly delicious to me!! Can't wait to see it when you're done.

Jo's Place said...

Beautiful blanket, love the colour combo. Congrats on becoming a great godmother too :)

Penny said...

Hi Carmel
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, lovely to meet you and see your pretty blog and creativity. I love the gorgeous colours of your blanket, really unusual and different colour combination. I have been on the random strip generator and it's great fun to see what it produces xox Penelope
ps. Congrats on being a great God-mother!

Fruitful Fusion said...

Congratulations! The colours of your blanket are just gorgeous!

Sally said...

What a gorgeous offering for your grand-goddaughter. Very special indeed. The colours and tones are precious.

Daydream Living said...

Hi Carmel,
the pink and brown together are really pretty! And in your other post the doily on the bag is an eye catcher too, thanks for the inspiration, now all I have to do is dust my sewing machine and start, enjoy the rest of the week!
Maureen xx

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

LOVE that stripe pattern generator (just to play with rather than actually write down.) Hours of fun. Oh, that makes me sound so sad, doesn't it! Thanks for the link. x

Fiona said...

love it carmel
still crocheting here
no need to use the blankets though

and as for buying wool.....

Raine and Sage said...

Congratulations on your new great god daughter. Landing in Noosa?! How fortuitous!!
You know it really does get cold in QLD for part of the year. What a gorgeous blanket. It will be treasured now doubt. Such a pretty colour scheme.
Enjoy your Easter Carmel. x