14 May 2012

Tim Coulson - The Nursery

Have you heard of Tim Coulson?
I discovered him through blogland a couple of months ago and was captivated by his images.
There is something about Tim's photos that speaks from the heart.
If you are lucky enough to meet him you can see why.
Last week I wound my way down the coast to take part in Tim's first photo workshop

Tim and his beautiful wife Kesh opened their home
and hosted a wonderful day for a group of novices on how to take a good picture.
Those are mine above and obviously I've a long way to go,
but Tim has given me wings and now I feel inspired and unafraid to keep trying.

Tim is a special kind of guy.
He talked us through the emotional connection with his subjects and tips for bringing
that through into your photographs.  This is his talent and gift I believe.
Tim was generous in his advice and tips for making this happen
and I felt very honoured and excited, well totally over excited actually, just to be listening.

I've always driven a manual car, because it makes me feel more in control.
I've always taken pictures on auto, because I didn't have a clue how not to.
I'm now on manual - thank you Tim!
Not too much in control at the moment, but having fun.
We all had a fun time running around the trees taking pictures.
Tim took us on his weekly 'Belly' shoot of the lovely Kesh,
who is expecting their first child in two weeks.

What a great group of people.
Uber Cool and interesting
Click on Beth at Baby Mac
who does a much better write up
(and photos) than me.


Tim and Kesh have decided to run The Nursery around the country once
they are settled after the arrival of Baby Coulson.
If you get the chance,  jump in and book a place
before they all go.
  Watch his website for details.

If I had to sum the experience in a word?

*    JOYFUL    *



Flotsam Friends said...

Looks amazing Carmel. What an experience. Pxxxx

Nat said...

What an awesome day it was, what a lovely little space you have here and love these photos !xx

Catherine said...

It looks like it was an amazing day Carmel and it sounds like you learnt a lot from Tim. I would love to go to one of his workshops, hopefully when he comes to Queensland. Enjoy using your camera on manual:) xx