10 February 2011

My Creative Space

With Valentine's Day around the corner,
I'm working with hearts this week.

I made and sent one of these to my sister for Christmas.
My niece has now put an order in,
so this one will be making its merry way to London.

My sister has also asked me to make some bunting for her guest room.
For someone who once asked me
 'can you buy me something for Christmas this year, instead of making it'
I don't know whether to be mouth agape or flattered.

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Kitty said...

So sweet.
I love the mix of yarn, hessian & ribbon.
Have a lovely week.

Katie said...

Love them!

Chantal said...

Ah sisters. With mine I'd try just to be flattered and enjoy the moment! Your hearts are very gorgeous.

Rachel said...

This is just lovely. That hessian is so pretty with the ribbon next to it. Hmm be flattered your sister sounds a bit like mine.

Teek said...

The heart is just so devine..

Flotsam Friends said...

That's a gorgeous heart Carmel. Pxxx

faith76 said...

Absolutely Lovely x :)

Catherine said...

The heart is just beautiful. I love the fabric you chose and the crochet flower on the front. xo