22 February 2011

Reflections of Summer

He's been!  He's been!

Maiden Voyage

And She's Away

Not real, but The Fairy enjoyed decorating.

Lunch Overlooking Bells Beach

Windy Great Ocean Road

Learning to Dive with Dad


Endless summer days
And so, they have been back at school for nearly 4 weeks now. The train has left the station and won't be stopping until the Easter holidays.  Today I took a moment to look through the summer holiday photos and take a breath.  Aaahhh.

By week 3 The Fairy already had nits and although dealt with swiftly, if somewhat reluctantly, I've been itching for the past week.  I've got no one to comb through my hair for me.  Tomorrow will be spent treating and combing through best I can by myself.

My Mr T took part in his school swim carnival today.  He was not keen on competing at all, but after winning the first race there was no stopping him trying them all.  I was surprised he wanted me to go along.  It felt good that he was happy for me to be there.  He came home with a handful of ribbons.  Proud Mum Moment.

Hoping everyone out there in blogland
is having a lovely week.



Melissa said...

oh carmel....loved this little *down under* summer fix...

i am rugged up in bed at 9am on the half term hols having a sleepy at-home day with my three...

raining outside and no need to go anywhere- ahhh...

BUT i do need my aussie gorgeous warm fix...yours was perfect for me...
bug thanks and congrats to your big boy!!!!

melissa xx

Daydream Living said...

Hi Carmel,
Thank you so much for your sweet comment, I know how it feels, that validating feeling... I have missed some of your posts, will read them in the morning, which is in four hours... Loved looking at your sunny photo's, we had wet snow today... See you soon!
Maureen xx

Antje said...

To see a christmas tree under the theme reflections of summer is just too strange for me as a german. Even educated and knowing so much - pictures still tough in a very special way, ;-)
Thanks for your comment.
Best, Antje