03 September 2011

Lets Make ...

A pillow case for Da.
A day of preparations.
Fathers' Day tomorrow.
Busy busy busy.
There will be toast in bed.
Surfing and rock climbing are being planned.

What are you planning for tomorrow?

Happy Weekend



Sally said...

Fantastic idea for a dadda gift. Loving the bright colours. Delicious.

faith76 said...

Hope you have a lovely father's day x

What a great creative idea. Will have to try this out with my little girl - she will love doing this.

Leah x

Flotsam Friends said...

Love it. So bright! Pruxxx

Melissa said...

hope it was a goregous day- creating, surfing and then rock climbing with the kiddos sounds like a divine fathers day to me sweet...

melissa xxx

Cathie said...

i bet he would have LOVED it! great work kids ♥