19 September 2011

The Weekend That Was

The Fairy insisted on writing out all 20 of her birthday invitations herself.
As time went on it was all about just getting them distributed for me.
So on Saturday at 1.50pm when I was having 10 mins sit down
before putting a frock on and gathering my thoughts and waiting for painkillers
to kick in (against migraine) for a 2.30pm start,
I was floored when guests started arriving for a 2pm start.
I had a bit of moment ... for just a moment.
Luckily my wonderful sister-in-law was already up from Victoria
for the Confirmation the following day.
As I changed and doused my face with cold water,
she ushered all the early birds outside for a Cats' Cradle session.
I came out to find 15 girls concentrating hard on making a Witch's Hat.
Just beautiful.
Who knew pieces of string could be so all consuming.
As the 2.30's started arriving they all joined in and we had to drag them
to the tables to make some tea cup biscuits.
There was Who Am I
and team races in park.
The girls were all just joyful and it was magical and precious.
Being migraine bound since Friday the cake was not what I had planned.
I saw this cake on someone's blog a few weeks ago and apologies
because I now cannot remember whose.
At the time I thought how simple and lovely.
And it was.
Bringing lots of Ooooos and Aaaahhhs from the party crowd.
A great day for
Miss Eight.

How was your weekend?



Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

What a lovely day! The cake looks fabulous you did well given you were not feeling well .I hope you are better now. Migraines are horrid xox

Sally said...

The cake is wonderful.
What a great day. I would be floored if people arrived earlier than I had expected too. Hope the migrane held off.

iheartsunnydays said...

That cake looks SO yummy!! I remember I used to love playing Cats Cradle - but if I tried now I'd end up all tangled up and tied to something. Hope you're feeling better now :)

Teek said...

oh wow the party looks amazing. Well done to you!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Miss.
Yummo cake too.

Melissa said...

Hi sweet- you were blessed twice then- the people in the store (xxx) and your wonderful sister-in-law...
I have a sister in law like that- blessed aren't we!!

I love *Cats cradle* - haven't done this for a while with my kids- don't children just love the good old fashioned challenging games at parties!

Your teacups are fantastic!! What a fab idea for the girls to do themselves...and your cake...love heart and all...

Hope little Miss Eight went to sleep smiling and exhausted and you feel alot better...

and the confirmation was a huge success!!

Thinking of you- little moments aren't they of lovely as we said...

Melissa xx

koralee said...

Lovely and adorable...and those cookies with the little teacups make my heart melt...would love to give them a try. xoxoxo

Kellie Collis said...

Sounds like a blast! Enjoy the beautiful weekend ahead, Kellie xx

Leah said...

Hi hon, just to let you know that you were one of my giveaway winners! Pop on over to see the post and then you can let me know you contact details etc. Congrats!! Love your party post. What rotten timing to feel unwell you poor thing.

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

If that's your Plan B cake, I can only imagine what Plan A was. Beautiful!