14 September 2011

There's A Birthday In D' House ...

Everybody say "Yeah!"

In the blink of an eye and here I am again.
Has it truly been one whole year since the last one.
Is my baby really turning EIGHT?!

Am I really hosting another cast of thousands on Saturday
 for fun, games, merriment and nosh?!

Tomorrow is the big day.
Presents are wrapped.
Jelly cups are made for the whole class.
Cup cakes have been made for much loved teachers,
with labels for their own personal noodle boxes.

Tomorrow I will think about Saturday.
Can't get my head around it right now.

Sunday is also The Fairy's Confirmation.
A HUGE weekend in store.
I've been busy making a dress and cape for the big day.

If asked to describe herself in class today:
"I will say 'excited'. Because that is what I am."
Oh to be 7 turning 8.
I'd love to freeze this moment.



Melissa said...

Evening Carmel...

sounds so lovely..i adore jelly cups- we did those in Oz for the classes too...

can't wait to see your gorgeous girls 8th b'day photos...

so...happy birthday to her and congrats to you two- you got her 8 healthy happy and perfect!

melissa xx

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

My boys are right now asking me what they are getting for their birthdays next month. My oldest will be 16 and the youngest will be 13. They have everything so never know what to do. Sounds like you have a great party planned. Happy birthday to your daughter. Best wishes, Tammy

Flotsam Friends said...

Enjoy Carmel... Surely it can't be a year since the floating duck game? Wow, time has gone too fast. Pruxxx

Cathie said...

i'd love to freeze lots of these moments, how absolutely exciting for you both!

looks like an awesome celebration will be happening, happy birthday Miss 8!
you too mumma, you deserve a big hug ♥

Karina said...

Busy weekend for you. Love those sweet and simple tags - and the idea of Jello cups for school treat - fantastic.